About DrinksBot


About DrinksBOT

At the heart of DrinksBot is inclusion. We provide an inclusive range of craft drinks to meet specific personal needs. We do this by providing a curated selection of craft drinks right across the spectrum from alcoholic, low alcoholic, and adult soft drinks. We are providing a way to bring people together, to spend time with one another and to talk, to share and to say thank you. Lots of people despise work socials, because they are boring and un-inspiring. DrinksBot is the antidote. We started in 2018 on the most romantic day of the year and are headquartered in East London.

Our Story

The DrinksBot was born out of a loving moment on Valentines Day, February 2018 when a married millennial couple wondered how could we make Office Drinks quick and easy. Our answer was to create a craft drinks service via a Slack Chatbot that provides not only drinks but event services including glass hire, waiters and our Drinks Robot!

Our People

The DrinksBot is a husband and wife co-owned business. Ekua Cant is the face of DrinksBot and leading on events, marketing and customer engagement. John Cant is the technical lead that works on the Slack Chatbot and other behind the scenes technical issues.

Our Vision & Values

The DrinksBot was created with a vision to bring people together to celebrate success at the end of a hard working week. Not only that but to create an inclusive celebration where all team members feel equally valued by the drinks offered to them at the celebration and no-one feels excluded.

DrinksBot have curated suppliers that are mainly independent and believe in providing high quality and sustainably made products. We work to reduce our environmental impact and so do our suppliers. Finally we are a people service and don’t take ourselves too seriously! We want to make your work life easier.