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Why are company benefits still important?

Do you remember the reason you were excited when you landed your most recent position? We all want to work in place that aligns with our values and where we can bring our “whole selves” to work. We want to work in place that values our skills and also has a little bit of fun. Did you check out the salary, employee benefits and look at what kind of culture the company had?

An inclusive company culture is important more than ever. We just have to look at the dreadful news headlines! Every employee wants to work in place where their talents and skills are recognised, there is room for progression and the workplace culture values their individuality. It is easy to think that rewards, and employee engagement are expensive and not worth investing in. However as every business knows, it is expensive to recruit people! It is therefore desirable to retain employees.

Here are a couple of tips to make employees feel valued:

Create a respectful and diverse workplace

Creating a workplace that values diversity and values inclusion, is something that starts with your recruitment process, company policies and workplace socials.  

Publicly say, “Thank you”

Everyone likes to receive positive feedback and praise. Find opportunities to recognise an individual or a team’s success both internally within the company and publicly.

Employee Benefits

We all like to get a “little bit extra”! Remember benefits come in all sizes. Typical benefits include pension schemes and childcare schemes. Get creative, learning a development opportunities, team socials and charitable partnerships all get employees engaged.

Have Fun!

We believe that work should be more social experience. Work place socials can aid people getting to know each other. Social learning experiences where colleagues share knowledge at an informal events are also great for confidence building and knowledge transfer. We also believe that celebrating success is important and this can be aided by celebration socials!

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