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A different kind of drinks culture?

It’s getting to that time of year, which you either love or hate. The time of year where if you love a good social you’ll be gearing up to go to as many festive parties as one can possibly handle. Or if you hate this sort of thing you’ll be looking for excuses not join in or at the very least show your face and make a very hasty exit!

With the rise of co-working spaces and people enjoying the benefits of working in more relaxed spaces that include hospitality facilities. A co-working culture has emerged where the expectation is that working in an open plan environment individuals and companies will reap the benefits of working in a more dynamic and social environment. It is great that individuals are taking advantage of the ability to be more social and creative at work. There are now many opportunities to use the work space to have socials, celebrate success and to share knowledge through meetups and events. By extension work is getting more social.

What is interesting about this trend is that whilst work is getting more social, not as much has consideration has been given as it if the socials that are being organised are doing enough to bring people together in a way that is inclusive. It would remiss not mention that Millennials are changing habits in the workplace. One thing that is striking is the number of people that are teetotal or simply drinking less. According to Mintel’s Drinks Review 27% of Britons say they are drinking more low or no-alcohol drinks.

In my own experience what has struck me is this change in drinking habits has been subtle. I go to a lot of events, meetups and networking events. On one occasion I attended an event where the organiser had provided food and drink for the attendees. What was interesting was the beer came around first and the soft drinks were left out of sight. This was of course not intentional, but I noticed that it did make some the attendees feel excluded. I asked the organiser if I could hand out soft drinks to help them. When I started to hand out the soft drinks some of the attendees perked up as they realised that had not been forgotten!

At the heart DrinksBot is inclusion. We want the drinks that are served at office events in London to bring people, teams and companies together. We want work socials to be enjoyable, fun and an opportunity enjoy different flavours and tastes. We provide an office drinks delivery service that provides a curated selection drinks that includes alcoholic, low alcoholic, low sugar and vegan friendly drinks. We know individuality and personal choice are what makes us different, but it need not separate us. We have office event drinks packages to suit a wide range of tastes and we feel provides a better work social. Our curated craft drinks range includes: wine, cava, beer, cider, kombucha, sparkling water, flavoured tonic water and adult soft drinks. We have a Slack Chatbot which is our on-demand drinks delivery service for small office socials coming online soon. We are drinks caterers for meetups, conferences and office socials. We’re flexible so if you just want craft beer or soft drinks delivered to your Office we’ve got you covered. We’re your full end to end drinks event service, so you want us to bring bar service, we can! Finally, we’ve got everything you need for the perfect inclusive drinks event and a Drinks Robot to serve your drinks!